Established in 2005, Ecovision was the first company in the UK to design and install ground source heat pumps, before diversifying to offer additional energy efficient solutions including air source heat pumps, water source heat pumps, solar photovoltaic, biomass and underfloor heating. Ecovision Asset Management is now separate from all other Ecovision Companies.


Ecovision Asset Management have strong experience in the origination, installation and sale of Companies holding Solar PV assets. We have been involved in technical and onsite due diligence to support the transaction of Businesses that own Solar PV installations.

Ecovision have installed domestic and small commercial Solar PV systems. We are accredited with the UK Microgeneration certification scheme (MCS), the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) and NAPIT.

Ecovision Asset Management

Ecovision has installed solar PV systems on 5,000 buildings through the FiT scheme all of which require monitoring, maintenance, customer support Finance and accounting services. As a consequence of this demand Ecovision Asset Management Limited was borne in 2013, and the Ecovision Asset Management System (EAMS) has been developed specifically to manage solar PV asset portfolios.

The Asset Portfolios built by Ecovision were subsequently sold to two key investors. As part of the sale, Ecovision were retained on contract to supply Asset Management services. These investors have since acquired additional portfolios which are now under management by Ecovision.

Since the inception of Ecovision Asset Management, it has continued to grow and now manages thousands of installations both for existing and new clients.